50 Weight Loss Tricks That Work

50 weight loss tricks that work

In March I wrote a post that is by far my most read article: 50 small tips for losing weight.

I think its popularity shows that as our lives are so busy with work and our families we are all just looking for small things that we could do daily, to be a bit healthier and to lose weight in the long run.

So this is sort of part two as I thought it was time for a sequence 🙂 Here’s another 50 weight loss tricks:

50 weight loss tricks that work

1. Cut wheat from your diet

I really do not believe that wheat does anything good to your body. There might actually be many health benefits in cutting wheat from your diet.

2. Never have second helpings of food

Always have just one plate of food, don’t go for seconds. Think of it as if you’re dining in a restaurant: Place everything beautifully on the plate and make dinner feel like a special event. Take your time to eat the food – you should not feel hungry after a plateful of food. It might be so delicious that you’d want some more but control yourself. It will get easier very soon.

3. Swap your beer or cider for red or white wine

Beer and cider have actually less calories than wine per 100 grams but they contain a lot more sugar which we know is really bad for you. And it’s not very likely that you’d be drinking four pints of red wine in one go. Go for dry red or white wine instead.

4. Don’t eat anything after dinner

This is what I do and it’s really easy when you get used to it. I have big (usually pretty low carbohydrate dinner) when I get home from work and I don’t even get hungry later in the evening so I don’t eat anything after that.

5. Acknowledge your obstacles and get past them

When it comes to losing weight you will face obstacles that are related to diet, exercise, emotions or health. It is important to acknowledge them and find ways to get past them. If you don’t you’ll be yo-yo dieting forever.

6. Learn to say no every now and then

Where I work somebody always brings chocolate or liquorice to work, it’s always there. If I want to lose weight I’ve no other choice but to walk past that candy bowl. It’s so tempting but you just have to say no to yourself.

7. Add vegetables to your favorite foods

Add vegetables to everything: Your sandwiches, casseroles, omelettes. It will not only be healthier but it might actually even taste better!

Honestly, I think the key to permanent weight loss and management is simply eating a ton of vegetables. They contain a lot of water and fiber, not to mention very few calories and lots of vitamins and other nutrients. Read and learn more about how to eat more vegetables.

8. Write down your calories and macros a day before

Do you count calories or macros and log everything you eat during the day? Instead of doing it late in the evening when you’ve already eaten most of your food why don’t you do it in the morning or a night before already? You’ll have it all planned out so it will be very easy to follow and you’ll know exactly how many calories, carbs and protein you’ll be getting.

9. Discover salads

This might sound a bit patronizing for those that eat plenty of salads already but there are a lot of people out there who think that salads are just a bit of limb green grass on the side of the dish (I used to be one of those people). Learn to make salads and you’ll discover that they actually taste amazing on their own. I visited Greece a couple of months ago and started each meal with a Greek salad while I was there. I’ve since continued making them several times a week at home.

10. Take walking meetings

Learn from the great minds and next time you need to discuss something with a colleague in the office go for a walk instead of heading to the closest meeting room. This works particularly well if you have to be creative.

Going out with a friend? How about meeting them while taking a walk instead of going for a cup or a pint. Or if you really need a cup or a pint, choose a café or a bar that you’ll have to walk to.

11. Write a list of non-food related treats for yourself

There will be a day when you come home from work, totally fed up. All you can think about is that you’ve so earned a treat. You need to be prepared for that. If you’re not you’ll wake up from your trance an hour or two later and notice that you’ve had a bottle of soda/wine, a pizza, 3 bars of chocolate and half a jar of ice cream. This could actually ruin your entire diet if you can’t get past it.

The way you can prepare for this is you can write a list of treats that you are allowed in these situations: things that you love, ways that you can pamper yourself.

12. Try running sprints

You’ll feel like a kid but it’s good for you: It’s fun, you’ll burn some calories and you’ll be done in 15 minutes! Not to mention you’ll be seeing results in your endurance pretty soon.

13. Challenge yourself a little bit everyday

Give yourself a new small exercise challenge every day and do it first thing in the morning if you can. Keep it small. Like, challenge yourself to do 100 jumping jacks and do it in the morning before going to work. The next morning, promise yourself you’ll take the stairs all day at work. Keep changing your challenge every now and then but don’t make it too big in the beginning.

14. Try on clothes for motivation

If you’ve lost a little bit of weight, go through your wardrobe and try on all those clothes that you couldn’t fit in just a month or two ago. This is a great boost for motivation!

If you’re just starting your weight loss journey try to find a pair of jeans or a dress that you’d really like to fit to. Don’t make it too ambitious: Choose something that you’ll have to lose just a little bit to fit into. That way you’ll reach your goal pretty soon if you stick to your diet and workout plan. And then it’s time to find new goals.

15. Add something spicy to your food

Cayenne pepper and hot sauces will boost your metabolism.

16. Try making “pasta” or “rice” from vegetables

You can make pasta from zucchini and rice from cauliflower.

17. Take a ten minute walk break at work, every day

I did this for a while when I had a job I wasn’t too keen on. I’d have a ten minute break in the afternoon and go for a walk. Put on your favorite music and walk to the rhythm – you’ll find that you’ll have a lot more energy for those last two or three hours at work. Plus ten minutes five times a week totals almost an hour of exercise a week!

18. Clean your house

Ok, this works for two reasons: One, the obvious – you’ll burn some calories as you’re doing it. But the second reason is probably less obvious: I strongly believe that the tidier and more organized your surroundings are, the more organized and calm you feel with yourself. And when you feel organized, you’ll see results in all areas of life. It will be a lot easier to follow a diet plan or just make healthier choices in general.

19. Use your mind for strength

Stay motivated by reminding yourself every morning why you want to lose weight and picture yourself a little bit skinnier.

Don’t do this in a negative way by looking yourself in the mirror and criticizing yourself but in a positive way: Think about how happy you’re going to be by the end of the week after having made good choices all week. You can even stand in a wonder woman pose for some extra boost of confidence.

20. Mix soda and diet soda

I’m not sure if this is great advise as we’d all be much better off without any soda, but well… If you must have your soda but are not a great fan of the taste of diet soda try mixing the two of them:

One third of the glass regular soda and two thirds diet soda.

The result: A much better taste with significantly less calories.

21. Have a brisk walk in the morning before breakfast

I sometimes take breakfast with me and walk to work in the morning (just 30 minutes). It’s good to have a glass of water before the walk though. It’s great for burning calories and you’ll have a nice feeling of achievement already before going to work.

22. Plan your walk routes

Have a selection of walks of different lengths so you’ll always have an option for longer or shorter walks.

23. See your diet as a project

I know this isn’t a popular way to view it, everyone says that you should think of a diet as a “lifestyle change”, not a project. But then when you start your weight loss journey it is much easier to stick to the changes you’re making when you have a set date on mind when you’re “done” (like with Whole30, see my results). When you see results and feel much better you want to make it a lifestyle.

24. Skip carbs at night

You won’t need the energy or the calories and you’ll feel less bloated in the morning.

25. Don’t skip meals

Eat when you’re hungry. If you skip a meal you’ll be starving later and make poor choices.

26. Eat healthy fats as a snack

Feeling peckish at night? Have a small cup of olives or a handful of nuts for healthy fats that will keep you satisfied.

27. Stop snacking

Totally. Snacking keeps your blood sugar high which means that your body won’t be able to burn fat.

28. Learn to make your own dips from vegetables

Salsas, tzatzikis and guacamoles are great additions to your diet. You’ll be eating healthy vegetables and it will feel like a treat!

29. Try to add as much color on your lunch and dinner as you can

Red, purple, yellow and green. Each color contains different antioxidants. Avoid all the different shades of beige. Your food will be healthier and look more appetizing.

30. Make smart choices even when you do have fast food

Ditch the top bun of your hamburger, have your Sub without cheese and mayo, etc.

31. Drink green tea

There are many studies that show green tea can help you burn fat and lose weight.

32. Focus on health instead of weight loss

This change in your view just might make all the difference. You won’t be so caught up in getting quick results on scale.

33. Set your alarm

If you follow a weight loss plan that tells you to eat five times a day, set your alarm so that you’ll remember to eat all your meals.

34. Make dieting and weight loss fun

Think of it as a game. Find the fun in counting the calories, use different types of gadgets (such as Fitbit) and focus on all the positive things that you can do.

35. Try training with kettlebells

I absolutely love kettlebells. They combine the aerobic and strength training in a very unique way and provide a perfect full body workout. Even when you take part in a kettlebell class you can choose your own weights and pace.

36. Don’t be discouraged to set long term goals

Yeah yeah yeah I know you don’t want to think about how you’re going to look in three months. It’s too far, right? You want results right now. But you know what?

Time flies!

Think about it. It’s September now, if you had started your weight loss program in June (which in all honesty wasn’t so long ago) you’d look and feel a lot better today.

Wouldn’t it be great to be really fit for that New Year’s party?

37. Always eat your fruit with protein or fat

For example have your pear with cottage cheese or apples with peanut butter. Fruit contains a lot of sugar – by combining it with either fat or protein you can round your blood sugar peak a bit.

38. Try a new recipe every week

If you get bored with your limited collection of healthy recipes you’re more likely to cheat.

39. Do not eat “bad” calories

If you don’t like your food or drink, don’t eat or drink it. There’s no point in eating calories that you don’t enjoy.

40. Buy a nice looking workout kit

You’ll feel much better watching yourself in the mirror during a workout.

41. Make “Progress not perfection” your mantra

You slip, you get sick, you get fed up. Just keep going!

42. Schedule your workouts

When it’s in your calendar you can treat it as any work meeting, you wouldn’t just skip meetings without a pretty good excuse would you?

43. Get rid of “fat clothes”

We’ve all got them don’t we? Once you start losing weight, slowly get rid of the old ones and buy new ones. You’ll get massive motivation from your new wardrobe and won’t feel tempted to go back to how you were (you’d have to buy bigger clothes… again!).

44. Eat clean from Monday to Friday

If you find it difficult to stick to your diet 100 % aim for a bit less. It’s a lot easier to watch your diet on weekdays and loosen up a bit during weekend. When you eat mostly clean you’ll soon notice that gorging will make you feel pretty sick and you’ll want to opt for healthier choices in the weekend as well.

45. Eat your carbs in the morning

If you do eat carbohydrates it’s better to have them only in the morning and after a workout.

46. Don’t overcomplicate weight loss

It’s really simple actually. ALL you need is patience. Focus on that.

47. Buy a workout video

There are some really effective ones out there! My favorite is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, which contains three 20-minute workouts. Great for when you feel too tired to leave the house, it’s raining or you want just a quick intensive workout.

48. Don’t just plan it – do it!

Ok. I always emphasize the importance of planning but enough is enough. Don’t wait for Monday, the first day of the month or January 1 to start your weight loss program. Just do it!

49. Remember all the small things

Ok, now that you’ve read about the small things that help you lose weight it’s time to actually implement them, every single day.

When you face the stairs at work you’ll be so tempted to take the elevator. Stop and remember:

“Small things really do add up!”

50. Fall in love

One of the best motivations for looking after yourself is falling in love. Love is such a great beautifier. So love with all your heart – it will give you tons of energy! 🙂



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