What is hygge? It’s slow living – Scandinavian style

What is hygge - It's slow living - Scandinavian style

I’ve been thinking about slow living for a while now. I think I’m constantly a bit stressed out at work with so much to do – which I’ve noticed leads to nonefficiency. And in my free time I’m always thinking about all the things that I should do – and I’m getting nothing done.

So there has to be something wrong with how I live my life. Maybe I should just… deliberately slow it down a bit. And I think that this fall might be just the right time to do it.

How to make vegetables taste good

How to make vegetables tasty

Can you? Is it possible? Some of you are nodding enthusiastically – you’ve learned the secrets and have learned to love their flavor as is as well. Not everyone loves the veggies though but if you’re determined to try you’ll be surprised how little time it takes to learn to like them.

Whether you already love them or are just planning to – here are some tips on how to make vegetables taste good:

Water running: Amazing for burning calories

Water running amazing for burning calories

This activity has so many names that I’m not even sure what to call it: (deep) water running, water jogging, aqua jogging or pool running.

But they all mean the same thing. And what they mean is some serious business when it comes to burning calories. Here’s what you need to know about water running:

How to eat low carb: Ways to eat fewer carbohydrates

How to eat low carb: Ways to eat fewer carbohydrates

As you probably already know, I believe that eating low carb is the healthiest way to live and lose weight. But sometimes I – and I’m sure you too – struggle, because let’s face it: sugar tastes good, bread is really nice and that bowl of pasta is such comfort food.

There might be many reasons you want to eat fewer carbohydrates: Perhaps you want to cut carbs in order to lose weight fast or your doctor has advised you to eat that way for health reasons. Counting macros (=how many grams of carbs, protein and fat you eat) is okay for some people but if you’re just looking for some general tips on low carb diet foods and how to eat low carb, here’s what you can do:

10 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

10 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

I admit it:

I’m a yo-yo dieter.

Well, the yo-yo movement isn’t even that broad, but I always manage to lose  10 pounds just to gain it all back again.

And I am so fed up with it.

So, just for the “fun” of it – and to give us all excuses on why we can’t make it – here’s a list of 10 reasons you might find it difficult to shed the pounds for good.