Coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil is such a versatile product and when it comes to skin care, there are so many ways you can use this fragrant oil.

You should always keep a jar of coconut oil in your bathroom – take a look at what you can do with this wonderful product:

Easy eye makeup remover

Dip your fingers in the oil or if it’s solid, take a bit and warm it between your fingers so that it becomes oily. Rub the oil very gently over your lids and lashes and then remove it with a cotton pad. It really does remove eye makeup quite efficiently.

Keep your eyes closed as you do this or you might feel like you still have some oil in your eyes afterwards. You might want to wash your eyes with water while you wash your face after removing your eye makeup just to make sure that there is no oil left in your eyes.

Luxurious coconut oil sugar body scrub

Coconut oil and sugar make a divine scrub. And it’s so simple! A sugar scrub in a spa costs a lot of money – here’s all you have to do to have this pampering treatment at home:

  1. Take 2 spoonfuls of sugar
    (I like to use brown sugar but white sugar works just as well).
  2. Add 1 spoonful of (organic) virgin coconut oil.
  3. Mix.

And you’re done!

Ingredients of a coconut oil sugar scrub
Ingredients of a coconut oil sugar scrub

Take this mixture with you in the bath or shower and start scrubbing. I like to use this scrub on a dry skin while sitting in the bath or shower. Please beware that the oil will make the floor slippery so sit down while scrubbing and wash the floor well when you’re done. The mixture can be a bit coarse so be gentle with your facial skin and other sensitive areas. When I’m done scrubbing I just wash it away and pat the skin dry. Your skin will be so smooth and you won’t need to moisturize it.

This scrub is perfect for sensitive skin as is, but you can also add essential oils to this for more fragrant scrub. If you got hooked, make a bigger patch the next time and store it in a container!

Take a look Shutterbean has more amazing coconut oil sugar scrubs.

Skin moisturizer

You can use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer instead of a body lotion. I use it in the evening after a shower. I have quite a dry skin so my skin absorbs it really well if I apply it straight after a hot shower. And I’ll go to sleep smelling like a cookie.

You can use it in your face as well but use it very sparingly, a little bit goes a long way. Some people will love it in their face but it might not be great for other skin types. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Sun screen and shaving

Coconut oil can also be used as a sunscreen as some studies show that it can block about 20 percent of the UV light. That’s still only 20 percent so I wouldn’t trust this method unless you have seasoned yourself to this (you have slowly added time you’ve spent in the sun using just coconut oil as sun protection). Especially if you’re pale like I am, don’t give up your trusted sunscreen!

Then again if you were silly enough to spend all day in the sun wearing just coconut oil (without any of the before mentioned seasoning) you will be happy to hear that coconut oil can also be used as a part of your sunburn care as it’s very moisturizing.

Some people also shave their legs using coconut oil. Shaving is not for me (I get those nasty red bumps and an itchy skin…), so I haven’t tried this but if you shave, try coconut oil instead of your usual shaving cream.

Hand and lip care

You can use coconut oil to moisturize your lips, hands and cuticles. Just take a little dab of the oil and apply.

You can purchase coconut oil (affiliate link*) online, in your supermarket or health store and it shouldn’t cost you a lot more than $/£/€ 10. Just make sure that it’s virgin coconut oil.

When you buy a jar of coconut oil, it’s a good idea to divide it to smaller containers so that you have your own containers for coconut oil in the kitchen, bathroom and in your handbag. Be careful though if you keep the oil in your handbag – coconut oil melts when it’s warm so the container has to be very airtight or you might find you have oil everywhere.

Have you tried using coconut oil in your skin care routines?


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