10 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

10 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

I admit it:

I’m a yo-yo dieter.

Well, the yo-yo movement isn’t even that broad, but I always manage to lose  10 pounds just to gain it all back again.

And I am so fed up with it.

So, just for the “fun” of it – and to give us all excuses on why we can’t make it – here’s a list of 10 reasons you might find it difficult to shed the pounds for good.

10 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

10 Reasons: Losing Weight Is So Difficult

1. You want to feel comfortable

Comfort comes in many shapes and forms and you’ll certainly feel it when you want to lose weight. It’s not comfortable to eat in a different way: less than before or different types of food than before.

And it’s certainly not comfortable to start exercising if you haven’t done anything for a while.

So there are a lot of stress factors to consider.

Sit down and think about it: How can you make weight loss comfortable? Figure out the answer to that question and you just might make it.

2. You need the energy

As you start your weight loss journey you probably start to eat less calories than you did before. Or you’ll start exercising and thus burn more calories than you burned before. Whichever option you choose – or perhaps you choose both – you and your body will crave more energy than what it’s getting.

You’ll be hungry. And when you’re hungry you’ll probably be grumpy. You’ll feel very uncomfortable. And you want to give up and have something that will give you lots and lots of energy. Like chocolate.

Think of ways to trick your body: Make smarter choices with your food. Eat a lot of greens. Use healthy oils to keep your hunger at bay. Remember to drink enough water.

3. You don’t have the patience

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

To me losing weight is all about patience. Patience to make smart choices every single meal, every single day. To not wait for tomorrow, or Monday, or January 1 to start.

It will get boring. You won’t get the results you want overnight and there will be times when you feel like nothing’s happening. But giving up is simply not an option.

Don’t just look at the number on the scale. Think of other ways to measure your progress. Even when your weight stays the same you’ll find other areas that have improved. Trust the process and accept the fact that it will take some time to reach your goals.

4. You compare you and your progress to others

Everyone’s different. What works for somebody else might not work for you. This is your journey and you’re doing it for yourself.

Read. Study. Learn. When you know a lot about food and diets, you’ll know what you’re doing and how to lose weight, your way.

5. You give in to temptation way too easily

Starting the diet or whatever weight loss program is difficult. And there’s one tricky component in particular:


If you’ve had your daily portion of chocolate, soda or something else with lots of sugar, you will find it very very difficult to cut back on it.

But the thing is that you just have to push through those first few weeks and trust that it will get easier after that.

Learn more about how to get rid of sugar in your diet.

6. You have a lot of excuses

Oh how easy it is to come up with excuses. There are tons of them: Reasons why you cannot do your workout today or why you simply have to have that piece of cake right now.

Good planning helps though. Consider all the possible excuses and prepare yourself. Have a game plan on what to do when you face those obstacles.

7. You become complacent

You start a strict diet and notice you’re losing weight. It is so easy to become complacent and think “Hey, I’m losing weight and this is great. Surely it won’t matter if I relax a bit and have just this one muffin.” Before you notice it one muffin becomes 5 bars of chocolate, a pizza and a bottle of prosecco.

If you start a diet and notice positive changes, give yourself a pat on the back and keep on keeping on!

8. You try to lose weight by eating too little

Well we’ve all been there, haven’t we? This is a very common mistake. You’ll end up starving and what happens when you are famished? You eat anything you can get your hands on, and plenty of it.

Whatever you do, do not cut too much on the amount of food that you eat. Just make sure it’s quality food

9. You do not commit to losing weight

You need to make changes. Not just on the surface but deep within yourself and your surroundings. You need to clear your pantry, change your routines and how you live your everyday life. If you make it halfheartedly again and again you plan to fail every single time and in the long run you start to not trust yourself or your capabilities anymore.

Keep your eyes on the price. It’s all about focus. And focus means that there should be some planning involved.

10. You think all-or-nothing

Hah, this is me. Either I eat and drink whatever I want. Or then I’m on a very strict diet. Neither is good.

Weight loss should be incorporated into your normal life. It would be perfect if you wouldn’t even notice that you’re on a diet! That’s what you should aim for and I think that brings us back to reason number one:

You want to feel comfortable.

Find a way to lose weight that makes you feel comfortable and you’ll soon notice that you won’t have to worry about your weight anymore.





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