My Whole30 results

My Whole30 results

I did it! I made it through the 30 days and live to tell. Today is Day 30 of My Whole30. I find it difficult to put to words – or even thoughts – what it’s been like for the past month, but I am very, very happy I did this.

For me the thing with Whole30 is that you don’t really need willpower to do it. I guess that was a surprise for me. You just need to have patience. Patience to live by the rules one day at the time and trust that you’ll get results.

And here are my results:

My Whole30 Results

(I’m 176 cm/5’9)

Day 1 (Saturday, October 3, 2015)
Weight 79,2 kg (175 lbs)
BMI 25,6
Fat percentage 42,6 %
Muscle percentage 23,5 %
Visceral fat 6

Day 30 (Sunday, November 1, 2015)
Weight 75,6 kg (167 lbs) -3,6 kg / -8 lbs
BMI 24,4
Fat percentage 41,3 %
Muscle percentage 23,5 %
Visceral fat 5

Before and after pictures

Whole30 before and after

The change isn’t really huge, but I can see it so I’m really happy about it! I think I look taller in the after pictures πŸ™‚ And like I have a tan (I don’t, it’s just slightly different lighting for some reason)!

Other results

Better Skin
Before I started this program I was hoping that my skin would improve during Whole30 and I really think it has. My skin feels smoother and I haven’t had as much breakouts as I usually have.

More energy
I think I’ve noticed more energy from around day 16 or 17 of Whole30 onward. I still struggle to get up in the morning (I’m SO not a morning person), but once I’m up I feel more energetic and positive than before. And my thoughts are somehow clearer too. I don’t know if it’s this energy or feeling lighter due to weight loss, but I’ve also felt healthier and – a strange choice of word – cleaner.

All these results started to show around 2 weeks after being on this program. I don’t recall feeling much difference in how I felt or looked for the first 2 weeks. So you just need patience to push through those first couple of weeks.

I didn’t feel any weight loss results in the beginning – I just suddenly started feeling like my clothes fit a bit better around days 18 or 19 and even a bit loose in the last days of Whole30.

Here’s how I did Whole30

I already wrote a post about my first 15 days on Whole30 program, so I won’t go into detail about what the program is all about anymore.

However, here are some mixed thoughts and details about how I did it and what I found helpful during those 30 days:

I didn’t do any exercise while on this program. I kind of wish I had done something, but then there’s no point in being too hard on myself afterwards. I did a great job by finishing this program – I’m actually literally patting myself to back here while writing this πŸ™‚

Organic/grass-fed or just normal store-bought meat?
Whole30 program encourages us to use organic or grass fed meat. I can’t really afford it so I used just normal store-bought meat.

Sweet tooth
I had some occasional cravings, especially in the beginning. Never to the point though where I would have actually considered ”cheating”. It got a lot easier to follow this program towards the end. Fresh pineapple was great for those moments that I craved for something sweet. I also had some dried fruit for emergencies.

Whole30 program information and resources
I did Whole30 program simply by following the information on their website. A lot of people do this program using information found on the Whole30 book called It Starts with Food (this is an affiliate link). I have not read this book, so I cannot recommend it, I’m just posting this link to let you know about it. Just know, that you can do this by simply following the Whole30 rules that you find on their website.

Did I cheat on diet?
I didn’t – at least not knowingly. I found it surprisingly easy to not have sugar and I didn’t once seriously think like What if I had just a little bit of chocolate or anything like that. I think I had a little bit more fruit on this diet than is recommended – the rules say that you’re allowed some fruit, but I had quite a bit of fruit (like 4 or 5 portions a day if you count berries too).

If you feel down and consider quitting, take a look at other people’s Whole30 results. Here are a couple of inspiring blogs about Whole30 results, that I found helpful:
Jen plans
Brown eyed baker
Mom of the South

Read more Whole30 success stories.

Be patient
Like I said before, I didn’t really feel like I needed to have willpower to do this, just some determination to simply follow the rules. The rules are very clear so all you have to do is keep the focus and not look to the sides. The thing is though that it gets a little bit boring to follow these rules everyday so I think that you are going to need patience above all to do this. It will get easier after the first couple of weeks because you’ll probably start seeing results around then. If it gets tough, just repeat to yourself ”It’s just 30 days, I can do this”.

I think I had a smoothie every single morning on this program. For lunch it was always a salad and for dinner I usually had a good sized portion of either chicken, pork, beef or lamb together with roast vegetables or potatoes and salad. If I felt like snacking later in the evening I’d have some fruit. I didn’t watch my portion size or count the calories and I only watched my fat intake in order to make sure that I got enough healthy fats from my diet (coconut oil in smoothie and lots of olive oil with salad and roast vegetables).

whole30 my typical day
My typical menu while on Whole30

Looking back I wish I had been a little bit more adventurous with my food choices – I should have tried new recipes, sort of widen my horizons. However, this rhythm and the choices of food that I’ve made in the past 30 days are something that I feel like I can keep up in the future. I love my morning smoothie and all the lunch salads. I’ll just have to vary the dinner options a bit more.

Think of Whole30 as a start
I’m sure there will be people reading this and thinking that Whole30 is just a fad diet and that once you’re done with the 30 days you’ll go back to eating the way you did before. It doesn’t help that I encourage you to think that “it’s just 30 days” if you feel tough on this program.

The thing is though that your way of thinking changes while you’re on this program. You might even start Whole30 thinking that you’ll go back to your old diet when you’re done but 30 days – even though it is just 30 days – is long enough time to see changes in the way you look and feel and you start to feel different about yourself too. You might change your mind: You might not want to go back to the way things were when you’re done. To be honest, I don’t think you’ll want to. On day 30 of Whole30 you’ll be thinking that you want to feel as good as you feel right now in the future too.

Are you just about to start Whole30?
If you are, there are a couple of things that you really really should do:

#1 If you want to lose weight while on Whole30 – document your weight loss before and after. At least take before and after pictures and write down your weight on day 1. You’ll be so glad you did when you’re on day 30. Do not weigh yourself during the program, only do so in the beginning and in the end. My boyfriend did Whole30 with me but didn’t want to weigh himself or take a picture when we started. Now on day 30 he thinks he’s lost a bit weight, but isn’t sure. I mean, that’s fine but it would be so much more rewarding to actually see the results in addition to feeling them.

#2 Cook delicious food.
Even though you are restricted with the choices of food, prepare your food as delicious as you can. I also pampered myself by buying better cuts of lamb for example. You do not have to eatΒ  boiled chicken and raw unseasoned vegetables while on this diet πŸ™‚ Unless that’s delicious to you!

#3 Try to find a Whole30 buddy.
It is so much easier to do Whole30 when you have someone doing it with you. You can share your experiences, difficulties, successes and just in general how you’re feeling. You can do things together – cook together. When you both commit to this then you feel like you’re accountable to not just yourself but that other person too. Having a friend or a partner following the same rules makes following this program more normal. You’ll sometimes forget that you’re following some guidelines and live like you normally would. That’s a good thing.


If you are considering Whole30 program then I encourage you to just do it! I am very happy I did this. It takes just 30 days of your life and could potentially have life changing impact on it. What do you have to lose?

What kind of results did you get from following Whole30? Or are you still asking yourself if you could do this? If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them by writing a comment below – I’d be happy to help πŸ™‚






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