Pack your lunch the day before

Pack your lunch the day before

One of the most important tips for weight loss is: Pack your lunch the day before! At least for me this is vital. If I fail to do this, it’s all ruined. All, the whole day. Here’s why:

When I wake up in the morning, there’s so much to do. I usually have a shower, wash my hair (every second morning), do the make up, have my breakfast smoothie, choose what to wear (I should do this the day before as well…) etc. The last thing I want to do is to prepare my lunch. Healthy lunch.

So if I haven’t packed my lunch the day before, there are usually two options:

1. I end up eating out (and possibly double or triple the calories) OR WORSE…
2. I just grab a little something from the fridge (= I make poor decisions + eat too little)

Both scenarios are bad. If you want to control – or lose – the weight you have to know what you eat. The first option is actually better – at least I could go for a nice big salad, but the second option would leave me hungry and that would result in buying snacks and unhealthy food in the afternoon on my way home from work.  And if eat out, would I really go for a salad? Hmm, that’s another decision to make and I wouldn’t want to make those decisions when I’m hungry. Besides, paying $/€/£ 10 for “just” a lunch salad doesn’t sound too tempting either.

My usual lunch: A salad, a salad dressing and a small bag of mixed nuts, seeds and crispy fried onions
My usual packed lunch: A salad, a salad dressing and a small bag of mixed nuts, seeds and crispy fried onions
How to make packing lunch easier and less time consuming?

Here’s a couple of things you could do:

Dinner for lunch

If you had a healthy dinner, have the same for lunch. Just make a bit more of the food than usually and pack the leftovers for lunch right after dinner.

Cook in bulk

If you get an inspiration to cook, why not cook a lot more than usually? Many people do this on Sundays for the whole week. Freeze the food into individual portions that are easy to take to work.

You’ll find more information about making and packing a lunch in my article Salads – the ultimate guide.

What tips do you have for easy and healthy lunch?




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