50 Reasons to Lose Weight, Eat Healthy and Exercise

Reasons to lose weight

There are around 50 days left before the Christmas party season begins.  Are you planning to lose weight for that office party or New Year? Looking for motivation? Here’s a list of 50 reasons to lose weight and be fit, one for each day!

50 Reasons to Lose Weight, eat healthy and Exercise

  1. You’ll feel really good about yourself
  2. Your thoughts will be clearer – goodbye brain fog
  3. Exercise and diet helps if you suffer from depression
  4. Your heart will be a lot stronger as you start exercising more
  5. You can wear whatever you want in the summer
  6. You’ll sleep better and your sleep apnea will improve
  7. You’ll have less PMS symptoms
  8. Exercise helps fight dementia
  9. At least some of the random aches will disappear
  10. You don’t ever have to make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight again
  11. Your posture will improve
  12. You’ll be able to walk or run without running out of breath
  13. You’ll probably need less medicine
  14. You will look younger
  15. You will feel younger!
  16. Exercise will help you focus and be creative
  17. You’ll feel a lot more confident – not just about your body but about yourself in general
  18. You’ll have a lot more energy
  19. Clothes fit so much better – you can buy clothes that you really like
  20. It will boost your immune system so that it will be able to fight illness
  21. You’ll have a clearer skin
  22. Your asthma will get a lot better as you start exercising more
  23. You won’t be so tired all the time
  24. You’ll be less stressed out
  25. Better cholesterol levels
  26. Your life might start to feel more exciting again
  27. You can be more active and do a lot more things with your kids
  28. Your blood pressure might come down
  29. You’ll have stronger bones
  30. You can wear that bikini
  31. Walking up the stairs will be a breeze
  32. You’ll feel healthy
  33. You don’t have to dread the holiday pictures anymore
  34. You’ll actually want to eat healthy food
  35. You’ll be in a better mood
  36. You don’t have to cross your arms over your stomach rolls anymore!
  37. You’ll be excited about shopping for new clothes
  38. You’ll be able to help other overweight people
  39. You’ll feel like you can do anything!
  40. You’ll have kick ass before and after pictures to prove you did it
  41. You won’t have to panic in the spring: You’ll be beach ready year-round
  42. You just might enjoy sex more as you like your body more
  43. You’ll be stronger – think of the things you’ll be able to do
  44. You’ll feel that you did something just for you
  45. You’ll suddenly notice that you actually enjoy exercising
  46. You might become braver in all areas of your life
  47. You just might live longer as you’ll be healthier
  48. You’ll look in the mirror and think that you look really good
  49. People around you will think and tell you that you look really good
  50. You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment – you did it!

Where do you get your motivation to lose weight?



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