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Sugar – how to reduce


Sugar… I have a problem with it. I don’t know how to deal with it:

It’s not good for me but it tastes really nice.

You know? Do you have a problem with it too?

I’m currently doing Whole30 and thus avoiding sugar. And I’ve done really well – surprisingly well: this is my 26th day on Whole30, with no sugar. So it can be done. Not that I’d be able to keep this up my whole life but if I can do it for 26 days in a row, why is it so difficult to do it for… say 6 days in a row so that I’d have sugar on just one day a week?

The answer to that question is:

Because sugar is everywhere! Literally everywhere.

In the past few weeks I’ve tried to find pasta sauces, ketchup and spice mixes with no sugar, to little or no avail.

So should we all stop eating processed food and sugary drinks? I think very few of us are really ready and willing to do that for the rest of our lives. But what we can do is take baby steps by slowly but surely reducing our sugar intake.

So take the first step and learn why sugar is so bad for us, what is it that makes it so addictive and what we can do to have at least a little less of sugar in our diet.

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Soda addiction and how to beat it

Soda addiction

I had a soda addiction. Oh that wonderful feeling of opening a bottle or a can of Coca Cola or Pepsi. The hissing sound, aah. There’s something so soothing about opening that can of soda first thing in the morning. It seems to give energy and boost for the entire day.

I have to say that I sometimes miss drinking soda. But then I still occasionally drink it, the keyword being occasionally. I guess I sometimes miss drinking it on a daily basis. But I’m glad I no longer need it daily.

In this article we’ll go through reasons why you should consider seriously cutting back on soda and how to do it.

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