How to make vegetables taste good

Can you? Is it possible? Some of you are nodding enthusiastically – you’ve learned the secrets and have learned to love their flavor as is as well. Not everyone loves the veggies though but if you’re determined to try you’ll be surprised how little time it takes to learn to like them. Whether you already […]

Persistent cough: How to cure it

You must know that tickly persistent cough – it comes when you get that tingling, irritating sensation in your throat. You have no choice but to cough but coughing makes no difference, the irritation stays there. It is so frustrating. Sometimes the cough fit comes all of a sudden and sometimes you can feel the […]

Sugar – how to reduce

Sugar… I have a problem with it. I don’t know how to deal with it: It’s not good for me but it tastes really nice. You know? Do you have a problem with it too? I’m currently doing Whole30 and thus avoiding sugar. And I’ve done really well – surprisingly well: this is my 26th […]

Welcome to Weightever!

Hi everyone! I’m a 35 year old “girl” and seem to have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to start writing about all the things that I myself like to read about. I’m really interested in learning about weight loss, health, food, training and beauty and I’m trying to find a […]