Whole30 – The first 15 days

So I started Whole30 two weeks ago! I’ve surprised even myself by how well I’ve done. I’m so happy that I managed to somehow convince my boyfriend to join me, it is so much easier to do this together. Are you familiar with the Whole30 program? Read on, I’ll tell you more about the program […]

My weight loss history

I was a skinny child so this is not one of those stories that starts with ”I was always overweight”. My parents were – and still are – very slim so I can’t blame the genes either. And I’ve never really been what would be called obese, I just got a bit chubby around my […]

I’m starting my Beach Body 2016 Project

Yep. Summer holidays are over and now it’s time to start planning for the upcoming winter. Usually at this point I would be making crazy plans about how much I’m going to lose weight during next month or at least by Christmas. This time, however, I will do things differently. This time I plan to […]