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Sleep and weight loss

You probably know that in order to lose weight you need to focus on one thing: your diet. As you continue your weight loss plan you might start to think about another way to get rid of unwanted pounds and kilos: exercise.

However, there are other areas of life that have an impact on your weight as well. Areas that we often overlook, such as stress levels and amount of rest and sleep.

This week I’m focusing on sleep.

Sleep And Weight Loss

In this post I will write about the importance of sleep when it comes to losing weight:

  • How much should you sleep?
  • Is there a connection between sleep and weight loss?
  • Can you lose weight by paying better attention to the way that you sleep?

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My body fat percentage is horrible – how to measure your body fat percentage

My body fat percentage is horrible

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The body fat percentage is not my friend. I remember first having my fat percentage taken when I was 17 years old. I was quite active and fit then and my fat percentage was around 18 %. That was a long time ago.

I finished my first Whole30 program a week ago (see my results) and once again stepped on my Omron scale (more about this scale later on in this post). The scale is brilliant, but I’m always scared of seeing the results – I’m actually more worried about my fat percentage than my weight. I don’t know why I thought that perhaps this time the numbers wouldn’t be so bad. They were:

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My Whole30 results

My Whole30 results

I did it! I made it through the 30 days and live to tell. Today is Day 30 of My Whole30. I find it difficult to put to words – or even thoughts – what it’s been like for the past month, but I am very, very happy I did this.

For me the thing with Whole30 is that you don’t really need willpower to do it. I guess that was a surprise for me. You just need to have patience. Patience to live by the rules one day at the time and trust that you’ll get results.

And here are my results:

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Welcome to Weightever!

Hi everyone!

I’m a 35 year old “girl” and seem to have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to start writing about all the things that I myself like to read about. I’m really interested in learning about weight loss, health, food, training and beauty and I’m trying to find a balance with living a healthy life while also enjoying myself. The thing is though that I’m quite lazy. And I guess that is one of the very reasons I’m writing all this to you. Maybe by writing about it, I’ll also do something about it!

I know a lot about dieting. About calories, workouts, the lot. It’s just that I find it difficult to get any results. It’s not that I’m actually obese, just a little chubby. Sort of… soft. And I’d like to be quite fit.

Another reason why I decided to write about this is that I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November 2014 and went through all the treatments (radical hysterectomy,  chemotherapy and radiotherapy) during winter. That is one of the reasons why I want to now focus on my health, have less stress in life and just feel good about myself.

So that’s what I’ll write about! I will write about things that I’ve tried in the past, how I’ve done and what I try and experiment with right now or in the future. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on diets, workouts or beauty products so I’ll try to keep budget in mind along the way.

I look forward to getting feedback from you, I know there are a lot of people like me out there!