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100 000 views on Weightever – top 10 posts

100 000 views on Weightever - top 10 posts

Last weekend Weightever reached an important milestone: The pages of my blog have been viewed a total of 100 000 times. Thank you so much! 🙂

So I decided that this might be a good time to make a list of the most read articles on this blog so far. Take a look:

  1. 50 small tips for losing weight
  2. 40 common weight loss obstacles – and how to get past them
  3. Protein rich foods: A list of 40 high protein foods
  4. Healthy treats when you’re craving sweets
  5. 15 tips on how to keep a New Year’s resolution to lose weight
  6. My Whole30 results
  7. Whole30: Reintroduction, learning from mistakes and starting over
  8. How to stop food cravings
  9. Whole30: Results (round 2)
  10. Whole30 – Additives

Thanks again for reading! 🙂




My body fat percentage is horrible – how to measure your body fat percentage

My body fat percentage is horrible

This blog entry contains affiliate links. So if you click on the link and then buy something, I will get a small percentage of what you pay. The price of products are naturally the same to you, I’ll just get this small fee.

The body fat percentage is not my friend. I remember first having my fat percentage taken when I was 17 years old. I was quite active and fit then and my fat percentage was around 18 %. That was a long time ago.

I finished my first Whole30 program a week ago (see my results) and once again stepped on my Omron scale (more about this scale later on in this post). The scale is brilliant, but I’m always scared of seeing the results – I’m actually more worried about my fat percentage than my weight. I don’t know why I thought that perhaps this time the numbers wouldn’t be so bad. They were:

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My weight loss history

My weight loss history

I was a skinny child so this is not one of those stories that starts with ”I was always overweight”. My parents were – and still are – very slim so I can’t blame the genes either. And I’ve never really been what would be called obese, I just got a bit chubby around my mid-twenties and it’s been very difficult trying to lose that weight. The usual thing happened: I stopped exercising, started working in an office (sitting on my butt all day) and found a boyfriend who I liked to stay at home with and have something nice to eat.

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I’m starting my Beach Body 2016 Project

Beach body project

Yep. Summer holidays are over and now it’s time to start planning for the upcoming winter. Usually at this point I would be making crazy plans about how much I’m going to lose weight during next month or at least by Christmas. This time, however, I will do things differently. This time I plan to succeed!

Bikini ready by June 2016?

I will give myself 280 days to do it. That is exactly 40 weeks. I am starting this project today (Sunday, August 30, 2015) and will finish it on June 5, 2016. Just in time for the summer of 2016. You can follow my progress on my Beach Body Project page.

“Before” pictures and measurements

It would be very boring for you to follow my weight loss progress (see, I’m still optimistic about this – there will be progress!) without some pictures, stats and measurements so for that reason I present you the following:

Beach body project before pictures

Height: 176 cm (5’9)
Weight: 76,8 kg (169 lbs)
Fat percentage: 42,3 % (measured a month ago)
Muscle percentage: 22,5 % (measured a month ago)
Size: European size 44/46, UK size 14/16, American size 12/14

Chest: 99 cm (39 inches)
Waist: 85 cm (33,5 inches)
Hips: 113 cm (44,5 inches)

What I plan to do / workout

I will use different types of methods to achieve this goal. I will first start by shredding! What I mean by that is that I’ll start working out with Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD (read my review on this workout. I’ve done it before once, I can do it again. It is quite a tough workout and I’m not in a great shape after going through some medical treatment in the winter. But I know that this is a great workout when trying to get back in shape.

What I plan to do / diet

I know that paleo diet works for weight loss so I’ll try to follow Primal Blueprint 80 – 90 % of the time. I will have a few treats on Saturdays – I don’t want to call it a “cheat day” because that’s not what this is about – it’s just good to have one day a week, when it’s OK to have some pizza and coke. I will probably also have a little bit of rice or potatoes occasionally but other than that I’ll stay away from sugar and try to stay at under 100 grams of carbs a day most days.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing along the way and post the ”after” pictures when I’m done. Wish me luck! 😉

Welcome to Weightever!

Hi everyone!

I’m a 35 year old “girl” and seem to have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to start writing about all the things that I myself like to read about. I’m really interested in learning about weight loss, health, food, training and beauty and I’m trying to find a balance with living a healthy life while also enjoying myself. The thing is though that I’m quite lazy. And I guess that is one of the very reasons I’m writing all this to you. Maybe by writing about it, I’ll also do something about it!

I know a lot about dieting. About calories, workouts, the lot. It’s just that I find it difficult to get any results. It’s not that I’m actually obese, just a little chubby. Sort of… soft. And I’d like to be quite fit.

Another reason why I decided to write about this is that I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November 2014 and went through all the treatments (radical hysterectomy,  chemotherapy and radiotherapy) during winter. That is one of the reasons why I want to now focus on my health, have less stress in life and just feel good about myself.

So that’s what I’ll write about! I will write about things that I’ve tried in the past, how I’ve done and what I try and experiment with right now or in the future. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on diets, workouts or beauty products so I’ll try to keep budget in mind along the way.

I look forward to getting feedback from you, I know there are a lot of people like me out there!