Benefits of swimming

I have a new hobby! My Bollywood dance lessons got cancelled because there weren’t enough participants so I had to find something else. And I decided to try swimming! I have no idea where that came from, but it’s great. Right now I only go for a swim about once a week – in the […]

Whole30 and 30 Day Shred: Week 3

Another week on Whole30! Overall week 3 has been interesting. I haven’t accomplished as much as I hoped: I haven’t eaten proper breakfasts (= more than just fruits) and I haven’t had any fish. But then again I have started shredding again! Not as much as I would like to but I’ve done four 30 […]

Whole30 and 30 Day Shred: Week 2

What a week it’s been. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t done that well this week. Well, my diet has been OK. I haven’t eaten anything that’s not allowed, so I have to be pleased with that. But my workouts… Or the lack of them. I haven’t done 30 Day Shred once this week. There, […]

Review: Bill Phillips / Body for Life

It was several years ago that I tried Body for Life lifestyle. The reason I write about it to you is that even though I no longer follow it, it’s one of those few diets and workout programmes that I really encourage people to try. Body for Life is a 12 week diet and workout […]

Review: Jillian Michaels / 30 Day Shred

I’m of course talking about Jillian Michaels’ DVD called 30 Day Shred. Have you tried it? I’ve done it once before and am just planning to do it again soon. How does 30 Day Shred work? Jillian Michaels is that energetic trainer from America’s Biggest Loser TV show. She’s done some workout DVDs and 30 […]