Whole30 Success Stories – What can we learn from them?

Whole30 Success Stories

As many of you know, I’ve done Whole30 twice (see my Whole30 results: round 1 and round 2). And I’m sure that many of you have started Whole30 on January 1 or are planning to do so very soon.

When I was on Whole30 I was really eager to read other people’s success stories, for motivation and for just mental support. So I thought I’d help you out!

In this article I will post a roundup of links to ten Whole30 success stories and also bring some quotes from them that I find particularly important and meaningful.

What can we learn from their success and mistakes?

So let’s go:

Whole30 Success Stories – What can we learn from them?

1 Whole30 Results & Afterthoughts by Journey of a Dreamer

”The things I struggled with the most was not “paleo-fying” or recreating favorite old foods. I can deal with no grains, even no dairy or legumes… but no paleo pancakes? no paleo pizza? no paleo cookies?”

”I was tired – I think I just didn’t eat enough some days.”

2 Whole30 results by Miss Mustard Seed

”The hardest thing was dealing with the emotional aspects of changing my diet. I never, ever would’ve considered myself an emotional eater.”

”When I woke up on day 30, I didn’t have a buffet of off-limits food at the ready. There wasn’t a countdown… I was content with how I was eating. That was huge for me and exactly what I was hoping for out of this.

3 Whole30 Before and after by What I Wore

”The winter is hard for me and I have pretty intense mood swings (especially while PMSing) all year round. Both Adam and I noticed that I felt a lot more balanced this month!”

“I’ll spare you the long sob story here and simply say I’ve never felt better about myself. Maybe it’s the new way of eating, maybe it’s the working out, maybe it’s how strong and toned I feel.  Maybe it’s my clear complexion or how my husband says that I’m beautiful.”

4 I Did The Whole30 by MayDae

”Once the first week passed, the cravings started to get better. Was it ever “easy” for us? Yes and no. There were days that were easy peasy, and other days that felt like we wanted to die.”

”One of the hardest things about the W30 is the pre-planning. Especially when you are going to be somewhere other than your house during a meal. It is extremely hard to eat out on a plan like this, so you have to be prepared to take meals with you.”

5 The Lazy Girl’s Guide To the Whole30 by Lauren Hartman

”My main advice is to find recipes you like and that are simple and stick with it.”

”Also, cut corners when you can. I’m not great at prep and I hated the idea of chopping up tons of fruits and veggies and spending my entire Sunday doing prep. As such, I bought a ton of pre-cut and pre-packaged produce from Costco and Trader Joe’s. Spinach, baby carrots, salad mixes, etc… The less prep the better! I realize that this is more expensive, but I really wanted to be successful and during this busy time in life, I knew it was going to help me stick with it.”

6 Whole30 Results: Before and After by Sweetly Tattered

“I honestly felt very discouraged and frustrated for a while. It wasn’t until the last 10 days that I really started feeling like we could do this. I finally stopped craving sugar and started having more energy. I actually felt excited when it came to preparing meals and I truly enjoyed everything we ate. I especially loved how creative Ryan and I were getting in the kitchen!”

“I finally recognized the way I had used food to comfort me and satisfy so many unhealthy cravings.”

7 Whole30: Rundown, Results and Rants by The Style Riot

“…Deep breath. Here goes. I GAINED A QUARTER OF A POUND. What the…”

“The Whole 30 promised to change my life. It promised to change the way I think about food, my tastes, my habits and cravings, and quite possibly, the emotional relationship I have with food and my body. And it has.”

8 Whole30 Confessions: My Experience & Results by Chasing “Skinny”

“Umm, is there sugar in everything? There is added sugar in so many of our foods! I had no idea that there was added sugar in bacon.”

“It was amazing to see how great my body felt by eating all natural and unprocessed foods and I felt totally accomplished when I completed the program.”

9 Whole30: Results, Regrets, and Reintroduction by Food, Sweat and Tears

“If you’re thinking about undertaking this challenge, find your support network.”

“But I just want to start off with one part that I did not succeed in. The second part of Whole30: Reintroduction. They recommend introducing foods back into your system one group at a time, in order to figure out how your body responds. I introduced just about every possible lousy food into my body in one fell swoop this weekend. And I’m paying for it today.”

10 Whole 30 Week 4 + 2 Days: What I Ate… and the Final Results! by Adventuroo

“And I see why it’s Whole 30 and not Whole 15. The eating habits weren’t quite habits yet. I would have probably gone back to my past eating with a few mods. Now it’s the flip side of that. I will keep eating mostly Whole 30 while adding my “old” foods back sparingly. Thus, the shift.”

In conclusion, 10 things to take away from Whole30 success stories:

  1. Be creative in the kitchen. Try new things, make time for cooking and eating.
  2. Eat enough. With limited things to eat you might end up eating too little.
  3. Plan well. Whole30 requires a lot of planning and preparing.
  4. Think one day at a time. Especially in the beginning. Change takes time and it will be hard in the beginning.
  5. Try to make something really good to eat for the first few days. Those are the toughest days and you will crave sugar. Pamper yourself with some really nice steaks or whatever Whole30 approved food you like in particular so you don’t feel you’re missing out.
  6. You might want to clear your social calendar for a month and just focus on yourself. Not everyone agrees with me on this one – I don’t mean you should stop seeing your friends but I noticed that I didn’t really enjoy parties when all I could have were a glass of sparkling water and some olives. But if you do go, just plan and prepare well.
  7. Read the ingredient lists. Pretty much everything contains sugar!
  8. Try to find someone who’d do Whole30 with you. It will be so much easier when you can share the whole experience with a friend.
  9. Remember that Whole30 isn’t really a weight loss diet. You might not lose as many pounds as you’d wish. But you will feel so different about yourself after those 30 days.
  10. Pay a lot – and I mean A LOT – of attention to reintroduction. It will be just as difficult as those first few days on Whole30. You might think it will be smooth and easy. Trust me on this one: it isn’t.

If you’re on Whole30 right now: You can totally do it! Become your own Whole30 success story 🙂










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